APV - 8 - 10 june 2012 (4 participant)

EXCHANGE: 23 - 30 june 2012 (32 participants)


1. Asociatia de Tineret Onix (Daniela Strimbei – Coordinator)

2. Kipa 10. Yıl Anadolu Lisesi – Izmir, Turkey (Derya Derman - leader) – Email:

3. Studium – Vilnius, Lithuania (Robert Šumskij - leader) Email:

4. Public Developments centre “Know yourself” (Marta Drupa - leader) – Email:

marți, 11 decembrie 2012

Brosura de Diseminare Speciala SSMD!

  Proiectul “Street Sports & Media Diversity” ajuns la final, rămâne în amintirea noastră printr-o Broșură de Diseminare Specială ce surprinde într-un mod integrat, în articole și fotografii dinamismul activităților derulate în perioada Iunie – Iulie 2012 la Râmnicu Sărat. Personajele principale ale jocului de fotografii și media sunt 32 de participanți din România, Turcia, Letonia și Lituania, împreună cu Asociația de Tineret Onix, în rol de coordonator, în cadrul unui proiect finanțat de Comisia Europeană prin Programul Tineret în Acțiune,  acțiunea 1.1. Schimb de Tineri.
          Pentru a putea înțelege mai bine tematica proiectului, precum și modul de implicare al tinerilor, vă invintăm să vizualizați aici:

Brosura SSMD  (Descarca aici!)

          … și poate, de ce nu, în viitoarele proiecte să fiți chiar voi protagoniștii unor noi proiecte de tineret, alături de:

luni, 26 noiembrie 2012

SSMD - Dissemination - Impressions!

“Social media is the motive why I decided to involve in this project. Since the first day I shared some of my experience. The chance to moderate the media activity and to coordinate it helped me to see better the participants’ enthusiasm when it comes to mass media. I realize that it is very difficult to work with youths, but it is so beautiful to succeed with them in what you’ve proposed to finish. The SSMD project as the second Youth in Action project that I got involved in and it was somehow different from the first one. The dynamism and the enthusiasm of the participants were in this project much heightened. About me, it was the first time that I had ever played football beside boys! I liked very much the mixed character of the activities because it gave everyone the chance to express and learn the new things in an equal way! I think it was a good decision ! That’s what made me feel better, and at the same time to understand why football is more a boys’ game and not a girls’ one!
Regarding the communication, I have an extremely pleasure to  communicate in English ! I know that every time this fact helps a lot and we did a great job together ! The SSMD project made me understand what truly means Youth in Action .”
Rateanu Alina Diana – Participant, ROMANIA

“Street Sports and Media Diversity” was the first European project in which I took part and it will remain a very special one for me ! Even though at the beginning I had many emotions and just the thought that the other participants are from different states won’t like me and reject me, I made it through. Actually, it was the opposite feeling. From the first day I discovered that we have common interests and the activities got us much closer, especially when it came of sports, team work and different workshops. I think that’s what matters.
I have gained experience, I can socialize much better and now I don’t find so hard to integrate in a new group. Also, my sport abilities are better and I have more friends now. I’m anxious to involve in the next international projects, the ones in Romania but also in different countries, because it deserves my effort. In my opinion, each project means half fun, half work and you can’t lose anything, just win !”
Silvia Maria Iancu – participant, ROMANIA
“It was the first project where I had participated. I enjoyed since the beginning the chance to be beside youths from four different states. It was an unforgettable experience. My participation in the project was more for the assurance of the developing background for the activities. In this way, I responded each time to the requests of the organizers, because I wanted to keep things as planned.”
Ciulica Denisa – project’s team
“I was pleased to be a part of the project’s team. I find the chance to be here, to manage the framework of the activities a chance to help involving myself in new projects more actively, and why not, as a participant. I think that I learned so many things that now are recommending myself. The non formal is what recommends me !”
Barbu Sorin – Project’s team
“The project’s experience has been clear to me because I learned about the wishful involvement of the participants, the spontaneity and the fact that everyone, in an European project is more open to new situations and can conduct to the development of new abilities, like in this case, sport abilities. No matter what media or sport abilities the participants had at the beginning of the project because, once arrived in a common environment, they had succeed to self-improve themselves and to settle down for the project’s objectives. I appreciate for real the used methods and the manner that the activities managed to find the project’s results. The idea of developing the activities in free air was fully valued by the local community and also by mass media. The intercultural dimension produced also a series of results and important perspectives. The participants shared their culture, traditions, customs, fact that was really appreciated as a common result.”
Volodea Mateevici – Project Manager
“ Sport represents in my life an important point. I understand the practice’s importance for a healthy lifestyle, because I consider that it helps all of us to improve not only our bodily part, but our mentality. After my first project, I want to mention that I am very pleased of what I did, learned and gained from this seven day experience. I’m glad that I had the chance to be beside youths from three European states and I’m convinced that our bond won’t stop here ! I wish to go further my experience gained because of this project and I would really like to value my acquired competences. Since the moment I applied for this project I settled some expectations, but what the project brought me exceeds clearly what I thought and expected. The active learning and the acquired experience are special to me. I’m glad to be a part of this project !”
Marin Razvan – participant, ROMANIA

SSMD - Day 7!

The Ceremony day, that’s how the final day was called by our participants, started with a team involvement to establish the methods that were going to be used within the program. The activity raised the interest and the participation of each participant, who, most of all, showed their wish to realize a march along the city center, to show their national symbols, flags, as a last method to promote the project, the involved states and the Youth in Action Programme.
ESD. European Sport Day. This name represented the march of the participants and the amount of resources and materials that they used.
In this final day, the responsible team with Press Office raised all the articles to edit the “SSMD” Magazine.
The European March of SSMD participants, as a principal activity of the second session of the day, represented a real success because the youths had their chance to promote themselves and to show to positive part of being involved in an European Project. The participants wanted to have their activity during sunset to observe the city perspective by night. The youths’ march was really admired and applauded by the citizens and they were really impressed and curious by the fact that in a small town so many intercultural and different element could be united in a beautiful group. The participants showed respect to everyone and they tried to reveal in a good way their attachment to their national values and the respect to their countries.
This activity, along with the project’s Magazine represented the final activities of a beautiful youth exchange, the final activities of a wonderful week that created friendships, bonds, and knowledge.
During this week, the participants were involved in each activity, kept continuously the connection with the local media, promoted the street sports and created group connections, stronger than everything. They adapted to each sport area, and most important of everything, they responded in a good and positive way  with interests and involvement to the dares that we had given .
The conclusions of the first seven days can be defied at a group level, but also at the team spirit that they had shown, to the fair play and at the individual grade of involvement .  The gained sport abilities and competences, staring from those themes : Sport and Media and continuing with the competences of communication and collaboration between each participant, each group and each state. All of this created the perspectives of a new collaboration between NGOs in future “Youth in Action” projects.
Participants’ Impressions :
“I know that this was the last day spent beside my new friends. I have so many memories from this project and I will return to my country very happy because of that. I think that together we did a great job, we created bonds and friendships like a real family. I really hope that someday I will meet all of them again..I would really like to relive this experience again !About the project’s theme, I know that because our involvement, we gave life to the activities, we were dynamic and active, and the group strength was every time the element that got us to win. I will continue to practice sport more than I did before because now I developed many new abilities and I can use them in my future activities. But, I could not forget the effort that the organizer team because they tried very hard to have all the needed materials and resources for us, and tried their best to not hear any complain from us.”

Inese Tilla – Participant, LATVIA 

SSMD - Day 6!

The sixth day of activities has been represented by the image of another dimension within the sport and it has been represented too by an activity that has never been implemented in the city.
The activity was called “Nations Cup” and it was developed on the Ramnicu Sarat Municipal Stadium. The activity targeted the promotion of a sport life, and the communication and connections with different local people who wanted to know better the participants.
In this way, the organization promoted the event within his volunteers by making an adverse team to play against the project’s team. The game was played on the entire field of the Stadium and it was just a friendly one, so everyone can play. This activity revealed the real friendships between the participants, because they had to collaborate and support each other. So they did, and the game was heightened by the football performance of the participants. The others who didn’t play football, tried to support the players with motivational songs and lyrics, while the others played volleyball, handball and badminton.
At the activity assisted too the vice mayor, Mr. Sorin Cirjan, who was interviewed by the responsible team for Press Office. He gave a positive and important feedback for youth involvement and sustained the sport activities. More than this, he appreciated the contact and impact that the project developed for the local community, and for the multicultural relations, communication and a different style for life, one which, as he said, healthier.
At the end of the activity, all the 32 participants gathered around a round table near the stadium, where they submitted in a common way the enjoyment of taking part in the project and their motivation to continue the sport activities and the pleasure that they had experienced during each activity of the day.
The communication with the local authorities was replayed in the second part of the day within a Conference which targeted the youth and sport problems. The conference was developed within the Meeting Room, at the City Hall, and in it took part also important members of the city like local youth responsible, local administration and city’s sport leaders.
The discussions started from the theme of the project and continued by the approach of the problem’s infrastructure. As a conclusion and after various dialogues and opinions, everyone thought that each state would need an improvement of the relations between youths, more human and administration resources, financial and methodological resources. They also thought that the young persons who like sport activities, or even who don’t should be much more supported by the local authorities and to appreciate their initiatives and ideas.
After meeting the local administration, the participants played handball, divided in mixed groups, and after this, Press Office.
Back to the hotel the participants had to review today’s activities and to express their feelings about it. Then, the evening of the day reunited the participants within “Casa Veche” Club, where they experienced beautiful moments, dancing and singing, sharing the same and common values, even if they were from different states.
Participants’ impressions : “ I waited for this day since the project started. In Lithuania, the sport is a priority and the football is in a continuous growth. I’m happy because I could improve my football skills on the local terrain, a very good one actually, along with the local youth, who, I understood that were members of the local team. It was an extraordinary experience that united us as a group and which, I think, that made this project the best of all. The meeting with the local administration was, as well, a nice one. I met young people who were part of the local administration, full of enthusiasm and I really felt that our ideas were important to them and understandable.”
Roman Griskevic – Participant, LITHUANIA
“An hour of free time and we were ready to move on. +40,5 degrees, but it couldn’t  stop us to do some sports, because that’s the reason we are here. This time boys did some serious game. Our international team was playing against some local Professional players. The game was hard, but boys were doing their best. Score amazing despite really hot weather – 10:10. To find out the winner, they had to do penalty shootouts. And the cup goes to OUR TEAM! Wooohoooo! Our girls were playing volleyball at the tıme and in the relaxing break supporting footballers. There was also vice minister watching the game and he admitted that this game surprised him a lot. Players showed amazing enthusiasm and they were really good.

Derya Derman –Group Leader TURKEY!

SSMD - Day 5 !

The fifth day was a special one. The participants changed the actual area from the city, to a wonderful rural side, Poiana Pinului. Poiana Pinului is a transitive zone between hills and mountains, where the forest embraces everything with its green, creating an admiring image to everyone.
The road to Poiana Pinului was fulfilled with games, jokes and laughs because the participants were already friends and knew how to make the time pass faster and in a good way. Once arrived at Poiana Pinului, there has been an area presentation, starting with the camp, the forest and finishing with Ciolanu Monastery, a very known and important touristic attraction of the area.
Next, we started to spread in different mixed teams and to do energizers to open the mood for the next activities. After the energizers, the participants had the task to go through the forest to complete it, and in order to finish they had to communicate and ask questions to the locals.
The activity had some tourist recognition tasks, that the youths managed to complete and developed because of them orientation abilities, communication and team spirit. This activity has finished when the participants had to find a “recreation” area, with water. They had found a hotel’s pool, and they were given as an “award” a chance to enjoy the swimming at the pool for several minutes.
This swimming at the pool cleared their minds a little bit, after long day of sports, especially the previous day when they had various sport activities.
The coming back to Ramnicu Sarat gave the participants a chance to express their feedback, by doing a mixed and after that, a national reflection group. Therefore, they expressed their feelings about the organization, the accommodation, the meals, the activities and the organizers.
After this activity, the youths had prepared a special activity regarding a costumes’ ball. They dressed in different costumes and after that every member of the team had his opportunity to show everyone attractive games, knowledge games and interactive ones. In this way, they got much closer to each other and created a friendly atmosphere between the participants.
Participants’ impressions : “ Today’s experience was one of the best which I ever had. We’ve started the day without knowing where we will go or what we will do, but immediately as we arrived there I knew that the time we will spend there will be a very good one.  I enjoyed being in a mixed group because they are my friends now and we had that natural connection which helped us a lot. The surprise that we had at the end of the activity was unexpected, but so great, because all of us enjoyed every minute of it ! The water was perfect for the weather and being surrounded by so many friends made the time spent more valuable. I didn’t think that in the middle of the mountain can be such beauty. I would really like to come back with all of them here !”

Maris Veveris – Participant, LATVIA 

SSMD - Day 4!

The fourth day of activities has started also in free air through streetball : a new discovered game, but extremely promoted in Lithuania and in a continuously expansion in the other states and has represented the youth chance from the target group to reinvent once again the team spirit and the fair play. 
The activity that was developed in the Ramnicu Sarat Municipal Park has started with a free air presentation by the Lithuania’s group leader, followed by the announcement of the game’s rules and the presentation of the game. In this way, the participants, divided in mixed groups, have worked together, gained some real abilities and competences during the streetball.
At this activity, various citizens assisted because they were walking through that area, children and young people who admired our initiative, understanding the value and the quality of our youth exchange. At the same time, during the streetball workshop, the ones who were responsible with Press Office took interviews, photos and recorded the entire activity to reveal it in a good way.
At this action were also the representatives of local mass media who related and promoted at the same time within a radio recording the relevant aspects of the activity.
The treasure hunt activity, within this day has created a great mobility through the participants. The decisions to remain in national groups was fully revealed and the Romanian group was the host of the active provocation of knowing and recognition of our city, Ramnicu Sarat. Although each country participated to this activity, the Turkish group has won the prize of the fastest group with completed tasks. After them, Lithuania arrived and finally, Latvia. Everyone, though, has appreciated the chance to discover a little bit of the town beauties and to socialize with the young people and the rest of the citizens in order to complete the given tasks.
The benefits of the activities, along with other experiences that were analyzed within the evaluation activity “Youthpass reflection”, where the participants discovered the evaluation method for competences, regarding the European standard and how this competences are influencing their perspectives.
We reminded the fact that each young person, because of the involvement in this project will receive a Youthpass Certification, as a method to prove the acquired competences and we also had a discussion about the revaluation of the opportunities produced during the project.
The activity was followed by sharing the cultural and traditional elements from Lithuania and Latvia. In this way, the participants showed us video presentations, games to find out about each country, unknown aspects about each state, along with traditional meals, drinks and especially the dances and music that involved each participant from the target group.
Participants’ impressions :” We started the day full of enthusiasm. We waited anxiously the streetball, because it was actually our task. We prepared something really interesting for the participants and I enjoyed the look in their eyes. It is something wonderful ! In Lithuania, in the last few years, more and more young people are heading to basketball, considering most of everything this sport the best and as the national sport. This is the motive of why today activity was so special. We love to be free, and the sport in free air gave us that nice feeling which us, especially the young participants need. The park was the perfect place for us, even though it was a little bit hot outside. About treasure hunt in the after noon..This activity have to all of us the chance to know better the city and spend a lot more time together as a national group. “
Jaroslaw Doda – Group Leader, Lithuania !

SSMD - Day 3!

After the first two days of amplifying the relations between participants, the 3rd day has represented a real tour of sport activities. The morning of the day debuted through a football workshop prepared by Turkey participants. First off all, an activity presentation was realized, then we did some heating exercises and after that we divided in four mixed groups that managed to show us the advanced football abilities.
The originality element was constituted by the composition of the teams, because the division was an equal one as number of boys and girls. In spite of the mixed character, each part has tried to value very well the practical abilities for this sport, with team spirit and fair play.
The results of this activity were represented by the establishment of new collaborating relations, adequate communication and team spirit. Regarding the developed communication in this period of the activity, we can say that it was a verbal and non verbal one, the gestures, the mimics, which were ways often used in the communication process of sport.
The following activity, “Foot Tennis “ had a strong non formal character because the participants improvised the net with some benches arranged one on the other. The activity revealed the young participants with good mobility, with important abilities for practicing this sport, actually a new one for them, a great communication and a special team spirit. An extremely  important role was occupied by the project’s team, the one who managed to assure the needed resources for the activity development , to assure the arbitration of the football games and the raising of a propitious framework for the activities.
The local mass media, the TVSAT 2002 television assisted to the development of the activity and admired our initiative taking pictures and shootings for the evening news edition. They took us interviews and they interviewed the participants too, talking about the details of the implication process in the project.
Back to the hotel, the participants developed an important intermediate evaluation activity, that had an informal and non formal character. Placed in a circle shape, the participants, had their chance one by one to express the first conclusions of accommodation, meal, organization, activities and used methods.
A special attention was addressed also to the mention of expectations that youths came in for the following activities days, for the strong aspects of the project and for the aspects that in their vision needed improvement . The evaluation has been realized within some fun, non formal games that wanted to reveal first of all the interpersonal connection and the project theme.
At the end of a day full of sport activities, the spreading of cultural and historical elements made by the Turkey and Romanian group conducted to the creation  of a special intercultural mix. The ones that opened the night were the young participants from Turkey, who showed us projections  of the principal towns from their country, but they also showed us some wonderful , traditional dances full of messages and feelings. The traditional Turkish food, especially the sweets and desserts brought from their country made the evening a delicious one ! Next, the Romanian participants showed too some traditional dance moves and elements of gipsy dances. Each group, Romanian and Turkey prepared souvenirs, traditional food, videos and specific Romanian drinks.
The conclusion of this day, full of movement and sport, was represented by the process of awareness of practicing sport importance that the participants shared in a common background.
Participants’ impressions : “ Football represents a very appreciated sport in Turkey, that our boys are practicing it and I am very happy because they had the opportunity to practice it in Romania too. The sport theme raised our attention, especially the attention of the Turkish group to come in Romania and to be a part of this project, so we are very happy. But being also the activity that we’ve been preparing since we were in Turkey, like we had established in the APV stage, we got ourselves inside it because we didn’t want just to practice the game, but to prepare it and I think that what we had done it was a good thing. I liked actually pretty much the idea of mixed groups, made of girls and boys at the same time. It is an ingenious idea, not used too often by the other, so that’s why I find this activity so special. I saw in each participant’s look from my group the joy of playing football, of doing what you really like to do and I am convinced that they really, really enjoy being here !”
Irem Deniz Derman – Participant,Turkey
“So, hurry up guys ! With a little bit of motivation everybody went to the bus laughing and excited to start the day with some football matches! While we were on the field, we thought that maybe some energizers will do the work and everyone will feel prepared to play. We chose to play with animals’ sounds, to have confidence in ourselves, to gain trust from the others and to have fun seeing everybody smiling. After this energizers we made the team...and actually, I was happy to see that girls are so interested in playing football. A boy from each country chose their players and they started with the girls. Maybe not all the girls and the boys knew how to play football, but everyone around could have seen the joy in their eyes and the happiness that they shared during the football match. It wasn’t a competition.. it wasn’t at all, because the boys knew how to play football with girls, to pay attention to every move, without shouting at the others, without mean words and without envying the winners. The international teams composition was:

Winners - Baki (cap.), Dima (goalkeeper), Players: Barbara, Aliana, Beata, Maria, Fatih.
Sparta - Maris Veveris (cap.), Rafal (goalkeeper)
Barcelona - Jaroslav Doda (cap.), Oguzhan (goalkeeper)
Eagles - Robert Masoit (cap.), Deni (goalkeeper)”

Maria Constantinescu